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How To Test Transformers - By Amarbir Singh Dhillon

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I Was Clearing Some Old And New Stocked Transformers today .I Had To Test Approx 25 Units of Transformers of different Make And Models ,Voltage From This To That .Well Let Me Teach you Some Cool Testing Tips for The Transformers .

The Short circuit Protected AC Supply

Not Many Repair Techs Understand The Importance of a CVT " Constant voltage Transformer " . This Is a stabilizer That Has a Unique Property .If The Secondary Side Of The Transformer That Gives Out 220 Volts AC Is Short Circuited The Device Drops The AC Voltage And Does Not Output anything .Once the short circuit is removed the CVT starts to function .Bingo This is the first device a Repair tech should buy .Now have a look at what i did .

Well I took a Cable That Had IC Test Hooks In One side "Red Is Positive and Black Is Negative " .The Other Side Goes To My 0 ~ 30 volts DC Supply .In this case i hooked the same to the 220 Volts AC Output Of My CVT .A Better Idea Is to Connect a Male Socket To this side By Removing the Male DC Jacks .Something Like This .

Well Once you have understood this ,Please have a look at the Final Transformer Test Jig .Here You See The Picture of the Ic Test Hooks Having 220 Volts AC In the Probe " Be Careful " .The Protek 608 Multimeter Is Also Lying There "One Of The World's Best Meter " .You Also See One Transformer There .

So how do you know which side is primary and which side is secondary .The AC has to be connected to the Primary Side .Well first Have a small Peek At the Transformer i Was Testing .

Setup The Multimeter To Resistance Mode and Test the resistance of both the sides of the transformer .the Side That Has Higher Resistance is The Primary " Ac side " And The side That Has Lower Resistance Is The Secondary " Output Ac side " . In My Case The Primary Winding Resistance Was 1 Kilo Ohm and Secondary Was Just 12 Ohm .Once This Is Done You Should Connect The IC Test Hooks to The Transformer Primary winding And Relax .Have a Peek At The Photo .

Once The Ic Test Hooks Are Connected To The Primary side ,Please Setup The Multimeter To Ac Voltage Mode And Check The Voltage On the Secondary Output Of The Transformer .In My Case It Was 19 ~ 20 Volts .Well Its Done "Desi And Tikaooo " Transfer Test Lead .

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