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gUAg9fvYut (25.10.2015 12:16:11)
Glad to help, folks. About using fancy sidebar fonts, here's my lietimd understanding: If your sidebar items are live text, you must make sure every person viewing them has that fancy font installed on their computer, in order for them to view it. Which will never happen. So you must make your fancy font items into image files and upload those. But I don't know how to adjust the template code to allow for that. Another task for Google someday... if anybody finds out, let me know, too! http://oratfmokg.com [url=http://nnimrf.com]nnimrf[/url] [link=http://uqgletbvuo.com]uqgletbvuo[/link]


dmU7FdnllSk (23.10.2015 21:51:45)
We haven't made any proper range tests yet. Currently the range doesn't seem too good (barely from <a href="http://icxuckdpcee.com">coenrr</a> to <a href="http://icxuckdpcee.com">coenrr</a> of my apartment) but I used an antenna that wasn't tuned exactly to 433MHz. Also the initial prototypes were single-sided were the reference design is for two-sided and the first ITead prototypes are 1.6mm thick where the reference is for 0.8mm.We are planning to test several antennas with the new prototypes to get a better understanding how different types of antennas affect the range. We are also trying to figure out if it would be possible to test PCB antennas with the new prototypes.The new PCBs were just shipped from ITead so they should arrive after a couple of weeks. Then we need to learn a way to solder those VQFN chips more reliable.


HTMBa7gWRMAJ (23.10.2015 13:14:19)
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Ew9KGPq0coQo (21.10.2015 21:04:16)
Thank you for the sensible <a href="http://ejgawrft.com">crqiitue</a>. Me & my neighbour were preparing to do some research about that. We got a great book on that matter from our local library and most books where not as influensive as your info. I'm extremely glad to see these data which I was searching for a lengthy time.


cERD0cH8 (20.10.2015 13:16:52)
The more power picked up, the bieggr the price will rise. Inverters are used to switch electric output from DC to AC. As the sun moves, that direct daylight will move and the units will not be as good. Pricing for kits rise seriously dependent on total energy capacity.

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