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Well If you Ask a Old British Technician What We Used To Repair Instruments .He Would Say a AVOMETER .Well The AVO Meter is a VOM " Volt Ohm Meter " and The AVO In This Actually Means  " Amphere Volts and Ohms " . This Meter started in 1923 and all the way upto 2008 it was made  .The last unit Sold Was the AVO 8 MK7 As Now according to the manufacturer they had problems sourcing mechanics of the same  .I import these from UK in india and then i Check , Clean , Restore And Recalibrate the Same .The Shipping charge typically from UK to India is British Pounds 50 ~ 60 .This Makes the landing cost of this meter expensive  .But when you spend this money and have one in your hand you will know what i was talking about .Check Me out smiling with my first AVOmeter The Avometer 8 MK 5 [ Mark 5 ] .


Amarbir Sir With His First Vintage Import - A AVOMETER 8 Series MK7


                                                   In Regard To This Great Hobby Of Mine I Have started a Section On " Lynx Forums " - >  Click Here .In This Section I Have all What you Want To Hear From Me On Vintage Electronics Regarding Avometers .Catch Me There Sometimes  .


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